Week Two Update

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Sep 202009

First of all a very Happy New Year to all our Jewish Guppies!   

We are still processing the applications and checks we have received and will have a final tally of participants and prize money shortly.

Also we PROMISE to have a breakdown of Week One and Two Best Bet selections and an updated list of remaining King of the Hill participants by tomorrow.

Thanks for the patience and stay tuned for more news and notes for the first two weeks of the season coming soon!

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Update – NEW

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Sep 102009

Hello Guppies, 

First of all I want to thank everyone for the amazing turnout we’ve had with only a few short days notice.  As of this posting we currently have 216 registered users for the Grid Guppy pool on  The response has been overwhelmingly positive for the new format which is a relief as we spent a great deal of time doing our homework before making the switch.  There have been a few questions we have received so I just wanted to clarify:

Pick Deadline – The deadline to make your selections will be NOON ET on Sunday.  In the event a game is played on an earlier day (i.e. tonight’s Titans-Steelers game)  that selection will be locked in once that game kicks off.  If anyone does not select in a week, they receive the worst record of the Home, Visitor, Favorite or Underdog record. However, if they miss selecting any early in the week game (Thursday or Saturday) but still are able to select the remaining Sunday & Monday games, they get the visitor for all missed games, remain elgible for the Best Month prize but they are not eligible for the Best Week prize.   You are only allowed a MAX of SIX (6) non-selecting weeks before you are disqualified. (THREE NON-SELECTING WEEKS MAKE YOU INELIGIBLE FOR THE LAST PLACE PRIZE).  THREE NON-SELECTING WEEKS MAKES YOU INELIGIBLE FOR A SUPER BOWL BOX.

Entry Deadline – If anyone signs up by this Sunday at Noon or already signed up but did not select the Thursday game (Tenn-Pitt), they receive the visitor for this game.  In this case it is Tennessee and receives the winner.  If they still select by Noon on Sunday, their remaining 15 selections will count.  They will remain eligilble for the Best Month prize but not Best Week 1 prize.

Best Bet – If you are participating in the Best Bet (King of the Hill) portion of the pool then you must email Dennis your selection at

If you do not send in any selections during the week or forget to select a Best Bet while you are still alive, you receive your Monday selection as your best bet.  If you didn’t select at all, you get the Monday game you are awarded among the Home, Visitor, Favorite or Underdog (Worst record).  In the case of a tie for worst record among the four, you get awarded picks of the Visitors

That should take care of the main issues for now, as always if you have any questions please email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible, good luck!

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Sep 052009

Hello Guppies,

Have no fear the 2009 Gridiron Guppies are here!  We apologize for the delay this season but we were working out some kinks with the new website and format for making selections.  I think everyone will agree these improvements will add a great deal to the Guppy experience.  Please check back here on a regular basis for a variety of news, notes and nuggets related to the Gridiron Guppies.  See Below for the instructions how to register for the pool at, the 2009 Rules, Reminders and the Application to send to Dennis.  Thanks and we look forward to a great season!

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Sep 052009

Attention Guppies:

For the 2009-10 Gridiron Guppies season all selections will be made on the website:


The Guppies executive staff have worked closely with the site to customize the league settings so that there are little to no changes from previous Guppy seasons.  This format will allow for real time standings and the elimination of human error (although Dennis and Mike have a pretty flawless track record).  We selected this site after a thorough search using the same background checks Notre Dame used for George O’Leary.  This site has an exemplary track record of keeping users information 100% PRIVATE and we are also provided a representative who oversees our league and can handle any issues that may arrise.  We will post answers to any questions we get about the site on, thanks!

How to Register:

Follow this link where you will be asked for the league password (football) after doing so you will register for the site.   The Username you give will serve as your Nickname in the pool and how you will appear in the standings. Congratulations on officially becoming a member of the 2009 Gridiron Guppies!   You will be shown a number of links where you can browse through the various sections of the site including a breakdown of the matchups and rules

Password – football


Go to

On the bottom left corner click to register as a New User

You will be asked to provide a Username, which will also serve as your “nickname” for the pool
and will not have to give any other information besides an email address.

After registering click on the link to Join a Pool

The Pool ID is – 49717
Password – football

Welcome to the 2009 Gridiron Guppies!!

To make your weekly selections just click on the tab that says picks at the top of the page, and select the box of the team you wish to pick.  The spreads will always have a .5 to ensure there are no ties.  The tiebreaker for best week is the total points in MNF which you will enter at the bottom of your picks.  You will be able to access standings in a variety of formats as well as a breakdown of picks by the different Guppy members.

Important Note: We felt that it is finally time for the Guppies to enter the 21st century, it is hard to comprehend the amount of tedious work that Dennis and others put in each week entering every selection into an excel spreadsheet and going through each entry game by game to ensure their accuracy.  With this technology available it would be foolish not to take advantage of this platform that will allow the Guppies to operate in a streamlined fashion.

HOWEVER,  it is very important to all of us who have been involved with the Guppies for over two decades that we do not lose the personal touch that has made this the finest football pool in the land!  The site will be updated several times a week with news, notes and nuggets across the Guppy and NFL landscape.  As always, we will make ourselves available for any questions or concerns you may have with your picks or the way the league is being run.  We really appreciate your patience as we make this transition, and who knows maybe we can get Dennis on Twitter by next season!  Thanks and remember the lords of wagering save their wrath for those who count their money at the half!

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2009 Guppy Rules

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Sep 052009


1.  This year, in order to reduce the amount of time spent by our elderly board members and also lower administrative costs and therefore increase prize money, we will no longer use email or fax.  The only selections made via email is for Best Bets.  You will now be required to register with our service and make your selections with them. They will have weekly standings and all selections posted on their website.  Registration instructions are attached.

2.  The only difference is that all selections must be made prior to kickoff of the first game played that week.  It is your responsibility to know when the first game of the week is played.  If there is a Thursday game and you forget to select on time, you will be charged with a non-mailing week. The advantage is you will now have until game time on Sunday in most weeks to make selections rather than Friday afternoon.  The disadvantage is you now must be alert for games beginning earlier in the week and make selections or you will receive  the worst record of the home, visitor, favorite or underdog for that week.

3.  EXCEPTION-Due to the late release of 2009 rules and regulations, in Week One only,  you will be allowed to register on up to game time of the first game played on Sunday September 13th.  The price to pay is you will receive the visitor in the Thursday September 10th game and you will NOT be eligible for the Week One Weekly Prize. You WILL remain eligible for the Best Month-September Prize. If you entered the King Of The Hill contest, you may choose any game except the Thursday game.

4.  BEST BET CONTEST (KOTH)- Selections each week for Best Bets can only be made the old fashioned way.  You must email your Best Bet for the King of the Hill contest to and as a backup to  Your Best Bet for the week if you are still alive must contain your nickname. NO MAILING OR FAXING OF BEST BET SELECTIONS !!!   Emails can be sent anytime, but no later than kickoff of the first game played that week. Email deadlines will be strictly enforced. If you do not select your Best Bet by game time of the first game played that week, you get your selection in the Monday game as your King Of The Hill selection. It is your responsibility to make sure we receive your selections. NO PHONE CALLS!!!

5.  If you don’t send in your selections, you receive the home, visitors, favorites or underdogs (whichever record is worse) for the week and you are ineligible for that week and that month’s prizes. SIX NON-SELECTING WEEKS AND YOU ARE INELIGIBLE FOR ALL FUTURE PRIZES (THREE NON-SELECTING WEEKS MAKE YOU INELIGIBLE FOR THE LAST PLACE PRIZE).  THREE NON-SELECTING WEEKS MAKES YOU INELIGIBLE FOR A SUPER BOWL BOX.

6.  Make sure that you indicate your point total for the Monday night game. This is used as a tiebreaker for Guppies with the best records of the week.  You are predicting the total number of points for both teams.  The closest to the actual total, among those with the best records, will be the winner. You can go over and still win!!  If you omit the total points,  you can only win if you have the best record for the week. No one will notify you if you omit the point total.

7. If you have sent us your email address, we will make every effort to notify you if you are in the running for weekly or monthly prizes. We will also post contenders on our website www.gridguppy.comDO NOT CALL US!!!

8. BE SURE TO INDICATE YOUR BEST BET CLEARLY if you are in the King Of The Hill contest.  If no game is selected, you get your selection in the Monday night game. A WIN keeps you alive in the contest. One loss in each contest and you are out! Do not continue to send in your Best Bets until King Of The Hill II begins in Week 7. You can select the same team each week.

9.  Final prize structure will be determined when the final guppy count is in.  There will be a bonus of $300 for Guppies with no losses in a 16 game week, $275 for no losses in a 15 game week, $250 for no losses in a 14 game week and $225 for no losses in a 13 game week.

10. The Super Bowl Grid will be posted later in the season.

11. All participants must have their checks mailed so the envelope is postmarked by Saturday September 12th and payable to Dennis Fingold.

12. Decisions of the Gridiron Guppy Board of Directors (Dennis Fingold, Barry Neuberger, Mike Eisenberg and Mike Pressman) are final.

13. OUR WEBSITE ( SHOULD HAVE ALL BEST BETS POSTED ON SUNDAY. We will continue to post weekly notes on the website and answer any problems that come up. Our goal is to provide all Guppies with a simple method of making selections and at the same time increasing prize money without increasing fees.  Since the season starts Thursday September 10th, there is little time to spread the word.  However, the greater the number of  applicants, the greater the prize money. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE CALL DENNIS AT 516-931-5308.